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5 Minute Workout #60 - ABS

Zuzka Light Follow
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  • 2 years ago
This routine is fun and effective for targeting your entire core. Nothing is more ab focused as plank exercises which is the fist combo in this workout. The second exercise will focus on your obliques (if you like the sexy hour glass body shape) and the third exercise will raise up your heart rate to burn off some fat and hit your abs from different angles. What's required for you is to put your heart and soul and all of your effort into each rep. You have to break a sweat, you have to get our of breath to maximize the benefits. Intense equals effective.

Workout Breakdown:

5 minute AMRAP

1. Plank side knee tucks (x2) / Transformer Jack/ Plank jump x 5

2. Weighted Side Plank Lift x 5/5

3. Diagonal DB lifts 5/5


I did 3 full rounds. Each rep counts towards your overall score except for the first exercise - you have to complete the entire combo to count 1 rep. Total amount of reps in 1 round is 25.
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