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Joseph Harwood Follow
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  • 9 months ago
Here's a brand new response video since my last 'dating as a trans' blog and I have a proper FAQ coming next!

I have had such a bizarre experience reading some of the comments from people in the LGBT community on that particular video and I wanted to address it. I've never heard of this word transtrender, I literally have only turned 26 in May so I'm not living this entirely generation before this whole craze of SJW content is totally new to me, I don't watch other videos on here so I didn't really have much awareness of what was going on. But the people I've personally been connected with online since 2011 or so, are the people that I've had the misfortune of noticing and it's been shocking to see the behaviour that's been going on. I think it's encouraging a lot of hate towards people who are going through the already impossibly hard journey of discovery, so I have directly responded to this and had a lot of fun talking about these important issues .

I also wanted to share some information about my experience growing up. One thing I've never spoken about on my channel, deliberately, until this year, is I actually have been on unconventional HRT since I was 15 to combat the complete discord I have suffered with which included alot of hideous side effects that I've mentioned in my Gender Identity videos. If you would like me to go into this because I never took progesterone or whatever it was a different process I am gonna be quite nervous to do so, I don't wanna really talk about it to the world but if it helps I'm happy to. This was even before I found out that I had a chromosomal difference so I don't know really what to share or what not to, but your feedback is as always appreciated.

Time to start sharing more about me and my life as it is today!

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