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Ellora Caves 33 and 34 - Jain Temples

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  • 4 years ago
These are the last caves of Ellora, and both of them are dedicated to the Jain God Mahavira. Elaborate carvings and a symmetric front court give it a marvelous look. On the walls of the court, many Yakshas (sub deities) have been carved.

Cave 33 is called Jagannath Sabha, because some Hindus thought one of the carvings resembled Lord Jagannath. This is a very interesting misnomer because Jagannath itself is not a Hindu God. The name comes from a tribal deity called jaganata, originally from the state of Odisha. This tribal deity also gave us the English word "Juggernaut" , meaning an unstoppable force.

Cave 34 is much smaller than any other cave in Ellora. This was the last cave to be carved, and has an unfinished look. Cave 33 and 34 are interconnected by a small passage.

2:01 Yakshini Ambika sitting under a mango tree. Some monkeys are also carved on the tree.
2:48 Jain Tirthankaras Rishabha? and Neminath?
4:25 Mahavira protected by a 7 headed serpent (Naga) . This is a rare depiction
4:41 Yaksha depicted as sitting on an elephant (Matanga)
5:13 Mahavira at the main altar
5:42 Panoramic view of cave 33
0:01 Outside view of cave 33 and 34

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