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Extremely Dumb Chick

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  • 7 years ago
After she refused to let me break up with her, we made up & days later this happened... *sigh*

Check out Exotic Jess!!! http://youtube.com/exoticjess

Cyr was in this video too!!! :D http://youtube.com/cyr1216

My dew? AhhhH! I know right!? My hair is like one massive comb over!!!! RRRRGGG!!! I'm thinking of getting my hair layered or... maybe cutting my bangs slightly shorter than the rest of my hair so it actually looks like I care about what I look like... what do you think?

I just want to be able to get out of the shower, have it dry & look good... any recommendations? Let me know: http://onision.net/contact

Also feel free to check out these links :D It's like muh worrld :D

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