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GMod Prop Hunt Funny Moments - HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT...

SkyVSGaming Follow
  • Video description
  • 2 years ago
Join Sky, Barney, Jin and Ross as they try this map of prop hunt and hide in...LITERALLY PLAIN SIGHT!
More Gmod - http://bit.ly/1e3AXb0

Jin - http://youtube.com/JinBopGaming
Ross - http://youtube.com/RagingHouse
Barney - http://youtube.com/ThatGuyBarney

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Hey guys SkyDoesMinecraft along with ThatGuyBarney, JinBopGaming and RagingHouse (AKA) WeenieButt! Welcome to Gary’s Mod Prop Hunt! Before getting started SkyDoesMinecraft would like to say thanks for all the support you’ve been showing the SkyVSGaming channel, all our G Mod videos and everything we do! You guys are great! So a big thanks also goes out to ThatGuyBarney who had to ask SkyDoesMinecraft if he sees something “fishy”. SkyDoesMinecraft responds to ThatGuyBarney’s question with a one shot from a grenade launcher! Let the games begin! ThatGuyBarney and SkyDoesMinecraft are teamed up and on the search for JinBopGaming and RagingHouse! RagingHouse gets the jump on SkyDoesMinecraft while JinBopGaming charges in for support! Game over for SkyDoesMinecraft on this round! We jump ahead to round 6 and ThatGuyBarney let’s everyone know that the dirt is on the loose! Not really sure what that means but, ThatGuyBarney says it with such conviction, if you know what I mean! So, now RagingHouse is a wheelbarrow and actually admits to SkyDoesMinecraft, JinBopGaming and ThatGuyBarney that he is indeed a wheelbarrow! Why would he blow his cover like that? Um, don’t know! But the hunt is on and SkyDoesMinecraft spots a wheelbarrow, shoots it. No RagingHouse! ThatGuyBarney is use to RagingHouse playing tricks on him which means SkyDoesMinecraft is back to square one trying to find the elusive RagingHouse! As luck would have it, RagingHouse turns back into a wheelbarrow again, this time right in front of SkyDoesMinecraft and RagingHouse is toast! Anyway guys, this SkyVSGaming GMOD Prop Hunt is always fun to play and there are some hilarious moments as well! Thanks for watching and remember to slap that like button!
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