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How I cured my chronic Candida – after 7 years!

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  • 3 years ago
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I suffered from Candida for 7 years!! I tried all kinds of things and spent thousands of dollars trying to cure it. Finally, I discovered what works and I can now save you the time, money and pain of trying to figure it all out. I’ve regained my health and life, and I’ve never looked backed.

Here are the links I mentioned…

My video on 5 easy steps to Optimal Digestion that will change your life!! They certainly did mine :)
Dr. Doug Graham on Candida Part 1
Dr. Doug Graham on Candida Part 2
Understanding Candida (with Dr. Doug Graham)
Tackling diabetes with a bold new dietary approach: Neal Barnard at TEDxFremont
Why I got a Vasectomy!

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7. Why Vegetarians should go Vegan - The Vegan Activist

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