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How To Make Homemade Princess Rapunzel Hair Dress Ca...

Kids Cooking and Crafts Follow
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  • 12 months ago
How To Make Homemade Princess Rapunzel Hair Dress Cake | Baking For Kids | Decorating With Frosting

More Fun Projects For Kids: https://goo.gl/L6NBGF

Rapunzel and Prince Charming show you how to make a homemade Disney Princess Rapunzel Hair Dress Cake. Kylo pranks Rapunzel by chopping off her dolls hair! She gets Prince Charming's help to figure out a way to fix her hair. This could be a part of childhood education. It's fun decorating with frosting and fondant! And great to learn baking for kids. This cake would make for a great girls Birthday Cake!! But don't go and cut hair!

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Kid’s Cooking & Crafts has fun videos for preschool age kids where you can join Frozen Elsa, Princess Leia, Spider-man, Superman and other princess, starwars, and superhero friends vs ninja and kylo ren in real life as they show you how to cook and craft. Perfect for Preschool age kids and kids of all ages! You’ll find a recipe just for you! Cooking with these guys is a lot of fun! What Disney princess do you want to hang out with? Come along for some DIY and how to tutorials that will entertain and educate at the same time!! These videos are meant for an international audience.

For question or suggestions contact Spidyd@hotmail.com

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FTC Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video.

Thanks to all our friends watching in Mexico, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Iraq and around the world!

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