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How To Plasti Dip Your Car - Part 1

Learn Auto Body And Paint DIY Mastery! Follow
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  • 4 years ago
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I'll be breaking it all down Step-by-Step. My experiments, failures, what to do, what not to do and most of all... how to get PRO finishes when using plasti-dip.

So, if you haven't joined us yet... what are you waiting for?

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Plasti Dip Car Painting Steps

Make sure the car is completely clean. Use a good dish soap to wash off all wax and grease from car. This is also done when painting with professional automotive finishes.

Mask off inner parts of windows and glass around the car. Unlike professional automotive finishes, plasti-dip can be peeled off if you have enough and thick overspray. In fact it's recommended to spray it on thick. The thicker you spray it on, the easter is it to peel off of the areas that you don't want coverage.

Open your paint can. Certain colors may need a base coat to make topcoat cover uniform and quicker. For instance, in the video below Fonzie will show you a sample of what I mean.

Spray 3-5 coats, sometimes up to 8 coats for complete coverage and thickness. This is what I DON'T LIKE about plasti-dip. With automotive finishes, you won't get that. If you have a good primer on your car or if you're painting a same color car you basically need 2 maybe 3 coats of base. Then 2 coats of clear.

That's it!

Plus with a nice clear coat over your vehicle you can sand it buff it to a PRO finish. Just as how I show you in our VIP training videos here: http://www.learnautobodyandpaint.com/vip-offer/

Peel off excess plasti-dip from car and that's it! You should have a pretty cool flat look or a semi-gloss look. Remember, you will not have a show shine product with plasti-dip and it's best to paint over a car that already has nice paint on it.

Well, thats it. I'll be adding new videos on my testing with plasti-dip. I have a few ideas that I may be able to use to cut down on coats plus get better coverage. I will test this out on the flat white color first. I'll keep you posted.

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