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OMG How to Stop Smelly Armpits Bad Body Odor BO - Al...

Ann Le {Anneorshine} Follow
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  • 7 years ago
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Please watch the full video before asking questions. I like to answer your questions but do not like to repeat myself. The purpose of this is to NOT wear any deodorant because deodorant is bad for you. It does NOT stop sweats... only odor as what the title states. You only need to use either lemon OR lime on clean skin and it will sting if you shaved that area.

Embarrassing enough, I too am a victim of smelly armpits. As human beings we tend to sweat a lot and some of us are just not blesses enough to not smell. From the food we eat to our life style, this is a trick that I love to use to diminish the smelly armpit smell every day. This is very effective, safe, and 100% natural to stop your armpits from smelling this summer.
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