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Onision Cheated On Me

Onision Follow
  • Video description
  • 7 years ago
Onision exposed for the cheating, lying, massive hypocrite he is. He always talks about how people should never use Shake Weights behind their significant other's backs, but here he is shaking a weight as soon as I go to the mall.

The Shake Weight is the worst invention since the blow up doll. The Shake Weight destroys marriages, the Shake Weight tears apart families, The Shake Weight ate my baby & murdered my grandma. The Shake Weight actually did none of these things. The Shake Weight is just a means for getting in shape.

The Shake Weight is however possessed by an evil spirit named HUDATI and he lives to cause suffering in the unborn children of men who go by the name ERIK or JOBABIBOBIBABOBABI.

The Shake Weight is a weight that you shake with your fingers, palms, arms and even your feet if you're talented.

On your feet are toes. I have 10 toes. Onision cheat on me with a Shake Weight. A Shake Weight that I will forever something something dark side. Family guy reference, I know.

Aint it great to be Pika pika ok now I'm going to stop typing.

Hey did you like the job I did editing this video? Yeah... you figured me out, I'm actually Onision typing this... go figure right? Shiloh can barely spell... HA HA HA!!!! Just kidding. No I'm not.

Don't tell her I said that.

Shake Weight... that is all.

Draculoh's Channel: http://youtube.com/shakeweight

Woops... I mean http://youtube.com/draculoh

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