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PewDiePie DELETING Channel - Claims YouTube Is Racis...

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  • 1 month ago
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PewDiePie, the world’s biggest YouTuber announces he’ll delete his channel claiming YouTube is racist against white people.
And he managed to attack our favorite Superwoman in the process.
On Friday PewDiePie, AKA Felix Kjellberg posted a video called “Deleting My Channel at 50 Million”. He shocked his 49 million subscribers by announcing he will delete his channel when he hits 50 million subscribers.
PewDiePie starts the video by bashing YouTube’s recent changes to the platform that include unsubscribing people without their knowledge, rewarding clickbait videos, promoting unrelated recommended videos, and hiding subscription feeds.

The gamer explains that he noticed this year his daily vlogs weren’t getting as many views as they normally did. He asked YouTube what was happening and they claimed they didn’t have any idea. PewDiePie pleads that he just wants his subscribers to see his videos and not have to “double subscribe” by turning on notifications.

In the middle of slamming YouTube, he managed to call out some of your favorite YouTubers as well.
PewDiePie believes YouTube is conspiring against his channel because it is not family friendly or diverse. So in an effort to not let them win, Felix will delete his channel and start over with something fresh. His video slamming YouTube currently has 14 million views and counting.

And finally, pewdiepie recently released a video titled “i'm racist!?” and in it he is calling out the many articles that were written about him recently. He stated that it's frustrating he can't make jokes on his channel without people taking it out of context.

Now it's your turn to jump in on the discussion, do you think pewdiepie has a reason to call out these clickbait-ey articles. Or is he using clickbait titles for his own videos?

Also, what do you think of YouTube’s landmark channel being deleted because of conspiracy? Tell us by leaving a comment below and then check out our worst gift guide for the holidays on Beauty Break! I’m your host Tom Plumley, thanks for tuning int!

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