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Restaurant Manager Tries to Kill Me (WITH LIVE FOOTAGE)

Louies Life Follow
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  • 1 year ago
**if you know anyone who was part of this storytime, PLEASE DO NOT mention their names or any personal information! I will no longer make these kind of videos if their information is leaked**

I make these storytimes to share my experiences with you guys and try to help you avoid situations like the ones i've been in. In this storytime, I talk about a time someone threatened to put BLEACH in my food, which is a death threat, and nothing was done by the cops. I was very disappointed when I wasn't offered any help or no actions were done to the people who threatened me. Please if you can, just try to avoid situations like mine. Of course, I did take action and decided to go to the restaurant to accuse these girls but, when you play fire with fire, you only get a bigger fire and no solution. Please be careful, there are many people like these two who are sick in the head and don't think straight before doing or saying. If you ever don't feel safe, ask your parents, friends, or even the police for help. Take care guys. Love you!


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