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Spiderman Loses His Costume! w/ Frozen Elsa ...

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  • 1 year ago
Spiderman Loses His Costume! w/ Frozen Elsa & Anna, Pink Spidergirl, Superman, Joker & Popcorn by Webs & Tiaras :)

In this episode of superheroes in real life, Spiderman is playing and having fun with his friends Anna, Pink Spidergirl and Black Spiderman. Maleficent drops a black slime spell on the ground which Superman accidentally kicks into a car, which almost hits Captain America. The slime spell ends up in Spiderman’s Mickey Mouse glass and when he drinks the slime, Spiderman starts to itch all over his body. Spiderman loses his costumes and he is covered in black slime. Frozen Anna tries to clean off the slime but it doesn't work. Eventually the superheroes find out they need to get red slime to break the spell. Pink spidergirl and Anna travel by plane to mister funky hat who sells all sorts of candy and slime. Spiderman drinks the red slime and is able to remove the spell from his body.

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