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Spoken English: Advising Younger Brother to Study

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  • 4 years ago
It is an English conversation between two brothers in American accent. Listen to it several times. It will improve your spoken English.

Mani: Ravi, I have to talk to you.

Ravi: Yes brother.

Mani: You waste a lot of time in watching television. Why don't you take any interest in studies?

Ravi: I study early in the morning.

Mani: For how many hours?

Ravi: For two hours.

Mani: Only for two hours! Your exams are drawing near. You must study for at least 4 hours daily to get good marks. If you fail I shall stop giving you pocket money. Father will also punish you.

Ravi: I feel problem in Maths and English.

Mani: Why didn't you tell about it earlier? I would have arranged a tutor for you. You read in 10th class. Do you know how tough the examination is? What will you do now?

Ravi: Please pardon me brother. I am at fault. I shall act upon your advice. Henceforth I will study 4-5 hours daily.

Mani: I advised you many times but you never took it seriously. You promise, then you forget. If you fail in 10th class exams father will make you work in a factory. You already know it. Now you are not a child. Understand your responsibilities.

Ravi: I am really sorry brother. I assure you I'll really work very hard now. Would you please arrange a tutor for me?

Mani: Only 40 days are left. Who will teach you now? Work hard yourself. I'll teach you for one hour daily from 9 to10 at night.

Ravi: Thank you brother. It is 9.15 brother. Will you teach me today?

Mani: Certainly. Bring your books.

Ravi: OK
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