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Spring Break High School You VS Child You!

Shelby Church Follow
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  • 2 years ago
Today's video is teen you vs child you spring break!
Jill's video: http://youtu.be/Oaei6KxRBO8

I was inspired by monica's high school you vs child you to do a teen you vs kid you spring break video! I love watching then vs now videos and I thought this would be a funny one because my spring break was always different from what I thought it would be as a kid. My expectations vs reality were usually WAY off. Most of the time, you get out of school and realize you either have a ton of homework or your not actually going anywhere for spring break! Then, if you're lucky, maybe one year you'll actually go somewhere cool. I remember one year I went to california, I stayed in LA for a couple days and then went to disneyland for a couple days! It was really fun but it was only one year and I saved up my own money to do it when I was in high school. You can still find things to do when your bored at home for spring break, or hang out with your friends, but a lot of times it can still get kind of boring! Hope you guys enjoy more of these comedy videos, I definitely want to make more! Last year I did a spring break expectations VS reality, so you can check that video out too if you want! If you could go anywhere for spring break, where would you go?! I'm actually going to hawaii this year and I'm really excited! Another part of spring break: getting fit for spring break! Most of the time I try and eat healthy and work out for spring break, or make some kind of fitness routine, and no matter how much I work out it doesn't really make a difference? Or maybe I just don't give it enough time? It takes so long to actually get in shape so I always find expectations are a lot different then my reality of getting in shape for spring or summer break! When I was a kid, I would jump into the pool as soon as I got to a hotel on vacation. I was obsessed with swimming, even if it was the worst hotel pool ever, I still wanted to go! Now, my hair just seems so high maintenance that I feel like I have to plan it out! I'll just end up laying out and barely getting in the water! And most of the time when you are in high school its harder to get your friends to join on having a pool day with you because everyone gets busy with working, homework, etc. I was always so excited to get out of school for a week on the first day of spring break, but when you get older you get way more homework and it's always in the back of your mind- even though you'll still totally wait till the last day to do it all! That's when you're most productive right?! I know it is for me, I like the pressure! Actually, I hate it, I just tend to procrastinate, oops.
-shelby church
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