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1 Evil Trick To Burn Fat -- go to SixPackShortcuts.com

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  • 11 years ago
Mike's evil fat loss trick exposed:

Personal trainers are demanding this fat loss trick be banned, because it's so effective it could be considered EVIL. Click the link below to learn it:



The Afterburn Training Video: http://sixpackshortcuts.com/rdk3

I've gotten a ton of questions lately asking me:

- How do you train and eat personally?

- What's the Afterburn Effect, and how can I use it to get in shape?

- How did all the guys with the before and after pictures in your channel get in shape?

I put this video together to show you what you can accomplish with Afterburn Training, and to let you know about the full-length video on my site that talks about Afterburn Training in detail. Check it out here:


You'll also learn more about my full system for getting a ripped body and six pack abs, Six Pack Shortcuts. The goal of Six Pack Shortcuts is to maximize the Afterburn Effect from each workouts. All workouts are short, intense, and a very unique combination of heavy, compound lifts and high intensity cardio.

Check it out:


*** And by the way, THANK YOU for all your support in the comments! If you've picked up the full course, I'd appreciate if you could share your experience with it and what results you got. If you're thinking about picking it up, I definitely encourage you to check out what my clients have to say about it on YouTube and on other social media sites too.

Thanks, you guys are awesome :)



FTC LEGAL DISCLAIMER FOR BEFORE AND AFTER PICS: The before and after pictures in this video are real guys who have transformed their bodies with Afterburn Training. But of course, they did this by CONSISTENTLY following my workout plan and eating system, and they're very dedicated, motivated guys. This should go without saying, but no workout or nutrition will work for you unless you consistently put the work in to follow your plan. You can make great transformations in your body if you train hard and eat clean. But you should NOT expect to transform yourself like these guys did if you just watch these videos and eat ice cream :)

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