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10 Baby Names Banned Around The World

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  • 4 years ago
It should also be illegal to name your baby "Apple", "Blue Ivy" or "North West".
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All around the world countries have been banning names that they find distasteful, or feel would cause a child undue stress and embarrassment. After all, how do you justify naming your child "Lucifer" or "Smelly Head"?There is so much a name can affect in one person's life. Some elite schools have been known to pass on students with names that either too difficult to pronounce or just did not fly off the tongue properly. Studies also show that even companies with simpler names have a higher investment rate. So why would it be any different with our children?
Names like Apple, North, Blue Ivy, Blanket, Camera, Seven Sirius or one of my many personal favorites, Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily, if not for their celebrity parents, would surely stifle them success wise.
So when the average parent wants to name their child Jesus Christ or Hitler, well, these are times that the government needs to step forward and protect the future of these poor, innocent children and enforce laws!
Find out what international store and heavy metal band names cannot be given to your child. Thinking of naming your daugter after your favorite flower? Guess what country forbids this? Ever wanted to name your son King and his twin sister Queen...well guess what? There are places that have laws against that too! All of these bizarre names and answers await you in the video above.
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