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10 Crazy Shark Skills That Make Them So Powerful

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  • 4 years ago
Sharks are not only the largest fish class in the marine world but also the most powerful thanks to its crazy skills. Size is definitely an advantage for sharks looking for a quick lunch, not to mention the power of their jaws and their sharp teeth that can eat their catch with remarkable speed.

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Its cartilage-based skeleton also provides a great deal of mobility to go after much dodgier prey. Sharks can literally turn on a dime to go after even the most elusive targets. While several shark species feed off of plant life, we’re more familiar with the warm-blooded variety that uses this feature to its advantage as a hunter. Sharks also have incredible eyesight, hearing, and sense of smell!

Most amazingly, these animals have an amazing sixth sense that scientists call electroreception. This video will explore these skills in greater detail as well as examine other features that make sharks so formidable.

Those who have greater knowledge of oceanic life, however, prefer to give sharks the respect they deserve. Hopefully, this video will cast some additional insight in that regard.

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