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10 Kg वजन बढ़ाएं इस 6 Tips से - Quickly Gain Weight ...

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  • 12 months ago
10 Kg वजन बढ़ाएं इस 6 Tips से - Quickly Gain Weight and Muscle | Information that we Provide Are 100% genuine |


Sick and tired of being called skinny and weak? Looking for a sure way to gain weight or add muscle?

If so, this video is just for you! Yes, we know just how hard it can be to buff up — it can even be as difficult as losing weight!
But hey, there's good news — you can successfully gain weight and muscle; that's only if you can give yourself to eating the right foods.

So what foods are we talking about? Well, there are a whole lot of foods that can help but this video will let you in on five of the best.
More like the ones that can increase your chances of getting your dream body in no time.

Let's check them out!
1. Exercise - Increased muscle fuel also adds a little weight
The way your body provides energy to the muscles also can add weight at first. Glycogen or sugar that your muscle cells convert to glucose is the energy source for your muscles. When you exercise regularly, your body stores more glycogen to fuel that exercise.

2. Mass Gainer (Homemade) - https://youtu.be/-oa2yYWgwXY Looking for a sure, quick and highly nutritious way to gain weight?
If so, we'll recommend give protein smoothies a shot.
And oh, we know you might be considering store-bought protein shakes, but trust us, making yours will be much better.
The thing is, those commercial versions are typically loaded with sugar and also lack nutrients.
Remember — we're looking to gain weight and muscle the healthy way; no diversions!
The good news? There are a whole lot of super tasty variations you can try — just do your homework, mix and start drinking!

3. Drink Less Water - Intake of more water will kill your hunger, And you will be able to Eat less so WATCH this video for more Details.

4. Divide Meal - This Will increase your eating habit so that you could able to eat more Healthy Foods which will help you to gain weight more Quickly .
5. Intake Creatine T&C - Creatine occurs naturally in many foods that we eat. Fresh meats like beef, pork and fish are excellent sources of creatine. A pound of fresh beef contains around 5 grams of creatine, while 1 pound of red meat contains around 2 grams. A pound of salmon and tuna contain around 4.5 grams of creatine.
Creatine will help your mucsle cells produce more energy, Supports many other functions in muscles, Improves high-intensity exercise performance.

6. Eat High Calories Food - For this you to eat Foods like Avocado (180 calories per half), Baked beans (190 calories per half cup), Butter (102 calories per tablespoon), Cheese (115 calories per slice), Cream Cheese (50 calories per tablespoon), Dark Chocolate (63 calories per square), Eggs (78 calories each), Granola cereal (135 calories per serving).

7. Quality Sleep - Unlike sleep quantity, sleep quality refers to how well you sleep. For adults, good quality sleep means that you typically fall asleep in 30 minutes or less, sleep soundly through the night with no more than one awakening, and drift back to sleep within 20 minutes if you do wake up.

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So this video will help you for sure.

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