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10-Minute Pushup Workout for Big and Muscular Arms

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  • 3 months ago
Strong and muscular arms are every man’s desire, aren’t they? Even without the rest of your body ripped, you look immediately handsome with those sculpted biceps and triceps. Not to mention that arm strength helps a lot in everyday activities too! Well, you could get your arms beefed up at home with just some pushups!

In general, pushups are perceived as chest exercise, targeting pectorals and shoulders the most. However, they are much more versatile than that — it only depends on how you do them. Performed correctly, they are beneficial almost for your entire body: abs, back muscles, neck, and of course, arms. Today’s pushup workout will focus on making your biceps, triceps, and shoulder muscles bulkier and more sculpted, and you’ll achieve that in just 10 minutes a day.

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Standard pushups 1:14
Diamond pushups 2:33
Pushups with reversed hands 3:39
Single-leg pushups 4:52
Gorilla pushups 6:00
What you should eat 7:28
What if you want even faster results 7:55
Two types of muscle mass 8:40

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- To perform standard pushups, get into the plank position: put your palms firmly on the floor so that your hands are directly under your shoulders. Keep your arms straight, propping your entire upper body on them. At the same time, straighten your legs behind you and prop them up on your toes.
- Diamond pushups variation has a pretty name and pretty good results if you want to target your biceps. Prop yourself in the standard plank position and bring your hands closer together. Spread your fingers apart so that your thumbs and index fingers make the shape of a diamond (hence the name). Now start lowering your body to the floor.
- Pushups with reversed hands. Stand in the initial pushup position and move your hands lower down your body, aligned with somewhere around your mid-back. Now reverse your hands so that your fingers look at your toes. If you’ve managed not to drop to the floor at this, you’re already doing great job!
- Single-leg pushups will not only target your arms, chest, and back, but also improve your coordination and balance. Get into the standard plank position, stretch your legs behind you and put your hands directly below your shoulders. Now slightly raise one foot off the ground and then do a pushup.
- Gorilla pushups. Get into the plank position with your body straight as an arrow. Now, this is the only exercise where you don’t need to be slow — quite the contrary, in fact. Quickly drop down to the floor and then use your arms to explode upwards and lift your upper body off the ground.
- If you want even faster results, combine the pushups with other exercises targeting your arm muscles. For biceps, the most effective ones are bicep curls with dumbbells and barbell raises: they directly work these muscles, making them firm and rounded.
- If you want to stay lean, make your strength exercise routine low-resistance, with many repetitions, and combine it with aerobic training to burn fat.
- If big muscles are exactly what you aim for, though, you should do the exact opposite: short sets of high-resistance exercises. Take heavier weights, for example, and perform as many reps as you can.

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