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10 Places You're Not Allowed To Go

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  • 4 years ago
Here are some amazing and mysterious places you unfortunately can't visit. Many of these restricted locations are some of the creepiest in the world.
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Here are 10 amazing places in the world that would be extremely exciting to go and visit, but you are not allowed to! These secret, and sometimes sacred, places are guarded and restricted due to several different reasons.
Humans have always been attracted to forbidden things. It is something about the X factor, the unknown, that makes us gravitate towards that which is off limits to us. In this video, we take a look at ten places around the world that you are not allowed to go.
It's like the Chernobyl Diaries where thrill seeking tourists sign up for illegal tours of forbidden areas except you are watching this anywhere but that damned location. First stop we make is inside of a cave that has paintings on the wall that over seventeen thousand years old!
Then, we head to, China, where a spy museum is located that only allows other Chinese people in there...and speaking of selective clientele, how about a place that only the Pope can enter? No, not Heaven. It is a hidden underground section under the Vatican. This top ten video has everything!
Another interesting thing we'll discover is that it doesn't always take a disaster for a place to become off limits. The Forbidden Island, got its name because of its one main rule: Humans stay away so our animals won't become extinct...sounds fair to me.
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Lascaux Caves
Vatican Secret Archives
Church Of Our Lady Mary Of Zion
Jiangsu National Security Museum
Pine Gap
Negev Nuclear Research Center
Ise Grand Shrine
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