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10 Video Game ENDINGS That Will Shock You!

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  • 4 years ago
top 10 twists in games you wouldn't believe
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You’ve come a long way, baby. Video games have grown from some truly humble, simple beginnings into complex entities that not only look like feature films, but can often now feel like them too. In the early days of the arcade and Atari eras, games typically carried a singular focus, serving up one simple task as part of a solitary, concrete purpose. Pong was two paddles and a ball, Space Invaders was a rotating ship armed with a laser and surrounded by a bunch of aliens and Pac-Man was a hungry yellow head, a bunch of coins and a few evil opponents. Fast forward to today, and visually and graphically stunning games boast intricate, mature and multi-layered plots to match.

Nowadays, just as realistic graphics are integral to the quality of a game, so too is the game’s story. As the games have evolved, the discerning tastes and expectations of their players have too. So that means that a rich backstory and interesting characters are not only preferred qualities, but essential components that, like the gameplay and realism, can distinguish a good game from a bad one. The modern video game protagonist is a complex and often flawed figure with unique motivations who sits squarely in the gray area between a noble, heroic good guy and a pure evil bad guy. In other words, the never-do-well sociopathic murderer with a heart of gold that is Uncharted’s Nathan Drake is rather far removed from Mario, who is a plumber out to rescue Princess Peach and, well, that’s about it.

Character development is a key component of storytelling. Chances are, if you both know and care about the characters, you will be more likely to invest time and emotion in following them on the ups and downs of their journey. It is because characters in modern games are so well developed that the recent evolution of plot twists within games has emerged seamlessly into video game culture. Where the story arc of games could once reliably be counted on to simply feature the battle between the playable protagonist against an evil force most often embodied by one main villainous force, games must now learn to expect the unexpected and allow for any one of a multitude of possibilities as to how things will play out.

Now, as shocking twists have grown more commonplace in modern games, a distinction has emerged between ineffective twists that seemed to be pulled out of thin air solely for shock value and rewarding, satisfying twists that make sense while still carrying a surprise factor when they are revealed. Just as eye-popping plot twists have made and destroyed movies – The Usual Suspects and Signs offer strong examples in each respective category – video games can live or die on the quality of their dramatic late twist. Just as Bayonetta was instantly rendered both forgettable and laughable when the title character rescued a little girl who was non-sensically revealed to be herself, here are 10 games that wowed gamers with fascinating, stunning twists that transformed them into instant classics.

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