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1000 Year Old Lost Lingam Found? Forgotten Hindu Rui...

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  • 3 years ago
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Hey guys, today I am driving into some of the remote parts of Cambodia, this area is known as the Koh Ker Temple Complex which has at least 40 ancient Hindu temples, all of them built more than a thousand years ago. As I drive through this muddy road, there are several ruins appearing on either side, but somehow, I am drawn to this particular temple. As I walk in, I am surprised at how terribly destroyed this temple is, it is completely in ruins. There are huge stone blocks strewn all over the ground. This usually means this temple was intentionally destroyed by human beings, due to invasion or religious faith, or looting.
As I climb up to see what is inside, I see a wooden door which is placed to prevent animals from entering. Looking through the gate, I am mesmerized by this gigantic lingam, it is huge, both in terms of height and width.
I open the gate, and go inside. I am immediately tempted to touch the lingam with my hands, it has a weird feel to it. When I tap it on it, the lingam feels hollow, as though I am tapping on a wooden board. But all temples in this area are made of Sandstone, including this one. Look at the top portion of the lingam, how perfectly it is shaped like a dome. How did they achieve this without advanced tools? Comparing my height with it, you would think this lingam is about 7 feet tall.
On this side, we can see this straight line carved out. What is the purpose of this? This is designed to make liquids flow in a certain direction. Once upon a time, Milk, Honey and Water would have been poured on top of this lingam as ritual and the liquids would flow down through this area. And then what would happen to the liquid? You see this trapezoidal hole cut in the wall? The Lingam will be connected to this outlet, so all the liquid will go outside the temple, and it will be typically collected in a container.
Look at how the lingam has cracked. We can see two very large cracks. Are they natural or was this Lingam deliberately destroyed by human beings? Look at this area on top of the lingam, intentional chiseling, done later, in an attempt to destroy it. But this is nothing when we observe the base. Half of the base in the front has been cut, and removed. Why was such destruction done? Because the enemies knew Hindus would stop worshiping lingams and other idols once their original design was destroyed. Hindus believe that these lingams emit spiritual energy and that energy becomes distorted once the original structure is altered.
Let us go around and see what is on the other side. Now, from this side we can see the actual base of the lingam. What was saw in the front was actually a raised ground level, but here we are able to see how the base is designed because this is at a lower level.
Remember, I said the lingam looks about 7 feet tall from the front, the actual height is at least twice the height, this should be at least 14 feet tall. But if we dig inside the ground, you would see some other parts as well, because some parts of the lingam would have been traditionally buried in the ground, so the lingam would much more taller.

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