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11 Strange Natural Phenomena You've Never Heard Befo...

  • Video description
  • 2 years ago
Tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, fires... And then, just when you think you've seen it all, nature presents you with another startling phenomenon. Imagine seeing a tornado combined with a powerful forest fire, moving stones, and waves frozen in motion! These are just a few of the most amazing mysteries of our planet...

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Volcanic Lightning Storms 0:36

Combustible Ice 1:20

Cocooned Trees 2:12

Frozen Waves 2:59

Blue Lava 3:26

Fairy Circles 4:10

Wandering Stones 4:50

Hair Ice 5:45

Firenadoes 6:26

Black Sun 7:04

Rainbow Trees 8:06

Preview photo credit:
Sort sol. Starlings forming fascinating formations over Tøndermarsken, south-west Jutland, Denmark: By Tommy Hansen. Original uploader was B.A.C. at da.wikipedia - http://pdfnet.dk/billedbase_visenkelt.asp?id=1166 - Transferred from da.wikipedia, Public Domain https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=6056042
Animation is created by Bright Side.

Music by Epidemic Sound https://www.epidemicsound.com/

- The source of volcanic lightning is high above the surface, near the stratosphere, where chaotically moving ice crystals set free powerful jolts.
- What looks like frozen flying saucers is, in fact, pockets of highly flammable and combustible methane gas. Trapped underwater, it forms psychedelic landscapes and stunning patterns.
- Tons of insects had to look for a shelter above the ground, and spiders chose to nestle in trees. As a result, they cocooned their new homes in such thick spider webs, they were visible from a distance.
- You can see mind-blowing frozen waves in Antarctica! These waves occur when ice gets compressed, and the ever-increasing pressure squeezes the air bubbles out.
- Kawah Ijen Volcano in Indonesia is not your ordinary fire-spewing mountain! Instead of producing black smoke and red lava, as most volcanoes do, this eccentric guy lets out a blue flame, electric blue lava.
- If you ever set foot on the arid soil of the Namib desert in Namibia, prepare yourself for an eerie picture. You'll see countless circular patches between 6 ft to 50 ft in diameter.
- Stones that travel are also called sailing stones because they seem to move across the dry lakebed of Racetrack Playa in Death Valley National Park, California.
- You can see this phenomenon in the forest on a humid winter night. Resembling cotton candy or a white hair wig, unusual ice crystals grow on rotting wood.
- If you ever see a tight burning column of air, don't panic: it's not the apocalypse yet. The creepy combination of whirlwind sounds and scorching inferno means that you have crossed paths with a fire tornado.
- In Denmark, people experience blackout-type effects on a pretty regular basis. Every spring and fall, millions of starlings begin their annual migration from Sweden, Finland, and Norway toward Britain, Belgium, and France.
- The trunk of the rainbow eucalyptus looks as if it has been painted orange, green, red, purple, yellow, brown, blue; you name it.

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