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12 Little-Known Facts Proving Your Body Is a Mystery

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  • 6 months ago
The human body is a very complicated mechanism full of unsolved conundrums. However, some of its mind-blowing abilities are already known. Do you know, for example, why newborn babies are very strong for their size and weight, or how men's breasts can produce milk? So do you wanna know the biggest secrets your body keeps? Bright Side would like to tell you about a few amazing things our bodies are capable of.

Your brain is the largest flash drive in the world 0:46
Your body can slow down its processes to protect you from drowning 1:35
Your body is a machine of mucus production 2:13
The length of all the blood vessels inside your body is enough to encircle Earth 2.5 times around the equator 2:56
Men's breasts can produce milk 3:46
Your teeth are as strong as a shark's teeth 4:40
The color of your dreams can depend on the type of television you watch 5:26
Your muscles are designed to lift tons 6:18
Your body glows 7:17
You were super strong when you were a baby 8:28
The liquid that runs out of your nose can be from your brain 9:07
Your body is the most protected construction in the world 10:00

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- Your memory has enough capacity to store 2.5 million gigabytes of information, which is about 300 years of video!
- When your brain realizes that your body is immersed in water, it slows your heart rate to redirect blood from your limbs to vital organs to conserve oxygen.
- An adult body produces about 1.5 liters of snot a day! You may not notice this 'cause we swallow most of it without paying too much attention to it.
- Yes, you heard correctly! If you took all the blood vessels out of the average adult and laid them out in a line, the line would stretch over 100,000 miles.
- Men's nipples can produce milk not only thanks to stimulation but also as a result of a certain hormonal imbalance that’s often caused by severe stress.
- A study conducted by specialists from the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany found that even though a shark's teeth are way bigger and protected with exceptionally tough enamel, human teeth are just as strong!
- Almost all people under 25 dream in color. People over 55 who used to watch black-and-white television when they were babies often still have monochrome dreams.
- We have 640 muscles inside our body, and their real limits remain unknown.
- Our body literally glimmers! Of course, the intensity of this glow is about 1,000 times lower than the sensitivity of our eyes, and we can't see it.
- The liquid leaking from your nose can actually be brain fluid! It can sometimes leak through your nose in small quantities as a clear liquid, and that's completely fine.
- Even right now, as you're watching this video, 22 million such cells are dying. Moreover, in the following 30 seconds, your body will produce 72 million new red blood cells and will get rid of 174,000 old skin cells.

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