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  • 6 years ago
We’ve learned lots of ‘useful’ information from watching movies. For example, how to effectively shoot back at an enemy or how to fly away in a spaceship through an asteroid belt. Well, life is long – you never know what could be useful! However, the big screen misleads us a lot, so we still believe in many myths that were created over the years.

Do you know, for example, how long tracing a phone call really takes, or how long you should wait before reporting a missing person, or if it's possible to unlock a door with a gun? So, guys, today, you'll found out what’s true and what’s not in your favorite blockbusters.

A heart can be restarted with a defibrillator shock 0:34
Chloroform knocks out people immediately 1:10
The police can trace a phone call within a minute 1:35
The forensic process can solve crimes 1:56
You must wait 24 hours before reporting a missing person 2:22
Drowning victims call for help loudly 2:39
Shooting two guns is effective 3:03
Silencers make every gun completely quite 3:21
You can unlock a door with a gun 3:40
Skydivers can talk to each other during free fall 3:57
The pin of a grenade can be pulled out with one’s teeth 4:23
An asteroid belt is dense and crowded 4:44

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Music by Epidemic Sound https://www.epidemicsound.com/

- We’ve all seen scenes like this in Hollywood movies. In fact, once a heart has stopped beating, a defibrillator can’t restart it. Alas.
- It takes up to 5 minutes for someone to feel the chemical’s effects, which then last only for a short while.
- In fact, tracing a phone call takes about an hour. Longer than you excepted.
- The forensic process only helps to collect evidence. The main work should be done by policemen.
- Every second is precious when you search for a missing person. Therefore, if you have genuine concerns, you should contact the police immediately. Do not waste the precious time!
- Actually, it’s very hard to notice a drowning person. Usually, they do not get enough air, so they can’t call for help. Also, they instinctively use their hands to push themselves up to make their mouths stay above water.
- Shooting two guns at the same time looks cool in the movies. You might think that a hero is able to kill more criminals in this way and rescue more people. In fact, aiming at two targets at once is hardly possible.
- Actually, a silencer only dampens the noise, but the gunshot is still audible. It is almost impossible to muffle the sound of a firing weapon.
- In fact, a padlock shackle is thick and made of iron. A small bullet wouldn't break it – it would just bounce off the lock.
- In movies, skydivers somehow manage to discuss their last weekends and plan to seize the world during free fall. Actually, the wind traveling past your ears make you deaf to all sounds.
- You can only pull the pin your hand and some effort. To prevent an accidental explosion, designers fastened the safety pin with two wires.
- The asteroid belt looks like an endless desert. There are many miles of vacuum between asteroids. The spacecraft can fly back and forth without any collisions.

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