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13 Riddles to Challenge Your Brain to Its Limits

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  • 10 months ago
When was the last time you gave your brain a proper workout? Here's your chance to run on the treadmill of intellect and solve some rascally riddles that most people find too hard. It's gonna be fun but you'll have to rack your brain a little.

By the way, if you solve puzzles and riddles regularly, you’re giving your brain a workout it needs and increasing your IQ level. Yes, your brain needs workouts, just like your body, to keep it sharp and help you get smarter in no time. Scientists have long proved that! So, can you be really attentive and think outside the box? Then let's get started! You'll have 10 seconds for each, but feel free to pause the video if you need more time.

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The end of time and space 0:25
Beloved son 1:03
Apricot jam 1:46
What most people can't get enough of 2:23
Hard test in Physics 3:13
A robber 4:14
Travel to Jupiter 5:09
Favorite tree 6:29
100 golden coins 7:06
Hardware store 8:00
Mysterious city 8:42
Magical potion 9:28
Something went wrong 10:14

#riddles #brainteasers #brightside

- Eternity begins with it. At the same time, it's the end of time and space. It’s at the start of every end, and yet the end of every place. What is it?
- A father has two beloved sons. Or maybe not so beloved after all, since he only gives the older one fifteen cents, and the younger one gets ten cents. The question is: what time is it?
- Sue was making apricot jam for the winter. The apricots were already in the pot and stirred up when she suddenly remembered she forgot to add lemon juice. She knows how much of it she should add for every two apricots. Is there a way to figure out how much lemon juice should be in the pot?
- You'll find me first at the front door. My second comes from the grain family. My third is what most people can't get enough of. And altogether, I'm one of the united states.
- A teacher announced there would be a test in Physics and the students decided to boycott it. They knew only one student could get detention for skipping the test. So whoever the teacher decided to punish would just take the test, and the rest would be technically free. The teacher, however, outsmarted them all.
- A robber breaks into a bank and demands all of the money. The manager is scared and says she has no access to the vault. Then, she gets a phone call. She then says: «Hi Sam, is this an emergency? If not, please call me later. I need your help to fix the computer.» While the robber is trying to open the vault, the police car arrives.
- Imagine this: you’ve been chosen to travel to Jupiter, and it all goes well, but as you come back to Earth, you see it’s a completely different place. Can you figure out what day it is?
- Jane is a nice young lady who works as a housemaid and dreams of being a multimillionaire. She has a good education and can figure out any equation in no time. Her favorite food is cauliflower. And now that you know all that about her, can you figure out what her favorite tree is?
- Steve went to a hardware store. He wanted to know the price for some items. He found out that One costs $1, Nine costs $1, Eighteen cost $2, Two hundred and seven costs $3 and Five thousand sixty six costs $4. What was Steve getting?
- There's a mysterious city somewhere on Earth, and no one can tell you where it is – you have to figure it out yourself to visit it. It's 1,800 miles away from America, 1,200 miles away from Japan, New Zealand is 2,400 miles away, and Brazil is 1,400 miles away. How far is the place from Morocco?
- There’s a barrel of magical potion in front of you. You can take a sip if you answer one question: is it more than half full? You can’t use any measuring devices or remove any potion out of the barrel.
- Something went wrong at the sceince lab that was looking for a way to clone animals. As a result, 3 scary, giant, almost invincible beasts were created: a Sharkpanther, a Spidersnake, and a Flybull. All you have to do is win in a fight with one of the beasts. Whom will you choose?

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