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14 Style Tricks Every Girl Should Try

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  • 4 years ago
“I have nothing to wear” “This skirt makes me look fat” – let’s be honest, every now and then every girl has these thoughts rushing through her mind. Clothes are a very important part of our image, and any flaw can be noticed — especially when you are going to meet someone for the first time. Fortunately, there are some simple tips that can help solve the outfit crisis and take you up on the style meter.

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Don't fall for low prices 0:25

Build your own capsule wardrobe 0:57

Watch out for makeup & deodorant stains 1:57

Be prepared for accidents 2:25

Too many accessories? There's no need for that 2:58

Get yourself a “wow” piece 3:45

Make sure your metals match 4:08

Learn to work with the color wheel 4:27

Your underwear really matters 5:17

Be careful with prints and structures 6:10

Experiment with tucking 6:44

Vertical stripes are your new best friend 7:23

Don’t show too much skin 7:43

Take the most out of your jeans 8:02

Music by Epidemic Sound https://www.epidemicsound.com/

- When you fall for fast fashion and shop impulsively you are basically stocking up your wardrobe with low-quality things you’re unlikely to wear.
- Timeless classics like a trench, some leather, denim jackets, good quality jeans, white button-down shirts and a pencil skirt are some of the items that will work for anyone and can be combined with other garments.
- Keep a spare clothing item at the office to avoid having to walk around in a stained dress.
- There should be at least three bags in different sizes: small, medium, and large in your wardrobe.
- It’s good to have a practical capsule wardrobe and everything, but it won’t exactly hurt getting a conversation piece. It can be a pair of vintage leopard shoes, a clock-shaped handbag, or anything else.
- It’s great if you like to play with colors but don’t go too far with matching and limit them to 3 colors per outfit.
- Your underwear really matters. Opt for shapewear that makes you look slimmer or try lace longs that aren’t officially shapewear but look smooth underneath any clothing item.
- Remember a print is already a statement and if you want true style you can’t be too loud or unclear with what you’re trying to say.
- Tucking might sound like something little and insignificant but it can actually transform your look completely and there’s a whole science behind it.
- A little bit of mystery is always sign of good style. So don’t try to show off your attractive body by stripping a good portion of it.
- If your jeans are great in the waist but too long for you take them to the tailor’s but wash them twice before you do so.

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