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18 Things Your Laptop Can Do That You Might Not Know...

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  • 3 years ago
You use it every day and you must think you know it pretty well. In fact, your laptop a lot of secret stuff and amazing tricks that you'll never find if you don't look well enough.

For example, it's not necessary to buy an additional monitor if you work a lot at the computer and one desktop is not enough. Your laptop can create as many desktops as you need. And, if you sit at your workplace and receive a call or a message on your phone, you can answer either of them from your laptop. These are just two of the secret features that are waiting to be discovered!

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Answer calls and messages from your laptop 0:24
Create as many desktops as you need 0:51
Install animated dynamic wallpapers 1:28
Set the Do Not Disturb mode on your laptop 1:52
Advanced screen recording 2:33
Display the image from laptop on your TV screen 2:51
Turn on the typing dictation function 3:32
Smart folders 3:52
Spotlight Search hidden features 4:46
Make the Dock panel disappear 5:23
A quick and easy way to draw the Apple logo 5:36
“Win” button 5:52
Command key 6:40
A funny Easter egg 7:19
Skype has a huge number of hidden emoticons 7:44
Hide folders on your Mac 8:04
The fastest way to block access to your MacBook 8:24
Windows 10 Creators Update has a special game mode 8:32

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-You need to have the same Apple ID on your phone and computer to answer phone calls and messages.
-Press Ctrl + up arrow and you will see all opened applications on the laptop. Hover over the top of the screen and the function to create another desktop will appear.
-Open Apple in the MacOS menu then choose System Preferences, Desktop & Screen Saver, and Desktop photos, then pick a Dynamic Desktop to set an animated wallpaper.
-Thanks to Do Not Disturb mode you won’t be distracted by notifications, messages, and calls.
-MacOS developers have added a screen recording function, recording a selected area, editing a thumbnail and setting a timer for the screenshot.
-If your TV supports this function, you can connect it to your laptop wirelessly.
-To turn on typing dictation on Mac, go to System Preferences, Keyboard, and Dictation. On Windows: dictation is installed using Ease of Access then Speech.
-The smart folder can help you collect all the documents you need in a couple of clicks in one place.
-Spotlight Search can be used as a quick calculator, dictionary and converter.
-Press Command + Option + D and the Dock panel will disappear.
-In any text editor, press the Option + Shift + K keys and the company icon will appear.
-By itself, “Win”’s only function is to open the main menu. But in combination with other keys, it is quite useful.
-On macOS, such a unique key is Command, and there are some cool combinations with it.
-Open WinRar, go to the Help - About WinRar and click on the logo. Check it.
-If you write (toivo) in brackets, you'll see a man with a dog, write (rock) and it shows you a real rock.
-If there are any secret folders or files on your Mac that no one should find, then you can hide them.
-The fastest way to block access to your MacBook is to press Command + Control + Q.
-Windows 10 Creators Update has a special game mode, thanks to which you can increase the FPS level and improve game performance.

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