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  • 6 months ago
How to squeeze the maximum out of the battery? How to make fire without matches and lighters? How to "bury" the battery correctly?

Mobile hand warmer. If the problem of cold hands is familiar to you, make a pocket heater out of batteries. Wrap the battery with foil, fasten it to the poles of the contacts. Clamp the poles and enjoy the heat. Before taking the mini-heaters with you, make sure that the batteries are charged. Keep your hands with heaters in your pockets.

How to recognize a charged or dead battery? How to find out if the battery is charged without devices? Drop the battery on the table with the minus pole from a small height. A dead battery will rebound loudly and fall. Charged, most likely, will land on the pole with a thud.

Fire battery or "prison lighter". One of the most interesting tricks is the extraction of fire using a battery. How to make fire without matches? You will need a strip of foil from chewing gum. Attach the ends of the strips to the poles of the battery and bring the device to paper, cotton or sawdust, which immediately ignite.

AAA instead of AA. Need AA, but only AAA at hand? The problem is solved simply - with a piece of foil that keeps the battery in the connector and forces the device to work. There is no second battery for a flashlight? Replace it with a folded piece of foil. There is no second battery for the remote? Replace it with a paper clip. Have no stylus for smartphone? By the way, the minus side of a finger-type battery can be a stylus for a touchscreen.

Electromagnet DIY. With the help of simple objects - batteries, insulated copper wire and a large nail or bolt, you can make a powerful electromagnet. Wind the wire on a nail from one end to the other. At each end of the nail should be "tails" to connect to the battery. As soon as you attach the ends of the wire to the battery, the design will turn into an electromagnet. You can look for or pick any metal objects with it. After the elements are disconnected, the electromagnet loses its strength.


1:00 How to make a fire without a lighter
1:50 Battery wood burner
3:03 Is this battery charged or discharged?
4:05 Batteries organizer
5:17 Pocket heater

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