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Ali Andreea Follow
  • Video description
  • 4 months ago
Hi everyone,

Today’s video is a bit different as I am answering the most asked questions that you guys write me on IG.
I’ve made a selection and picked 20 of them. Please add more in the comments so I can have it for my next video.
I haven’t been very specific about products, but next time if you want me to please let me know and I’ll make sure to do that.

Thank you so much for watching !!!!

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1. Why is my concealer turning Gray?

2. How can I prevent concealer from creasing?

3. Why all foundations look very bad on me?

4. What is the best skincare routine?

5. How can I pick the right foundation for my skin?

6. How can I determine what is my skin undertone?

7. How much time shall I wait between product application ?

8. Is it ok to use just serum?

9. How can I get ride of my pores?

10. Should I still use moisturizer if my skin is oily?

11. Can I still do eyeliner if I have hooded eyes?

12. What is your favorite concealer?

13. How can I curl my lashes, eyelash curler doesn’t do much for me?

14. What goes first, concealer or foundation?

15. I have never done makeup in my life but I’m willing to try, what products do you recommend I shall use first?

16. When is a good time to start using eye cream?

17. How can I use SPF thought the day if I already have makeup on ?

18. How did you get ride of the acne?

19. How do I get ride of my fuzzy hairs?

20. Powder makes me look like I have 10 years plus, what am I doing wrong?
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Michelle Phan

“I’m passionate about being a makeup artist and teaching others how to look and feel fabulous in their own skin.” Michelle Phan is a digital personality, who made her way in the fashion and beauty ...

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