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21 Secret Hiding Places You’ve Never Thought Of

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  • 1 year ago
So you’re going on vacation for a while. What’s your go-to hiding place for your valuables? Maybe at the bottom of your cereal boxes? How about your freezer drawers? Perhaps you’re stacking some money in your toilet tank? These might seem like excellent spots to keep your possessions, but unfortunately, robbers already know about them.

According to recent statistics, there are approximately 3.7 million home burglaries every year in the US alone. And even though the numbers are growing by the day, the hidey-holes haven’t gotten any more creative. Thieves tend to spend an of average 8 to 12 minutes in each property they break into, and they know exactly where to look.

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❗️ Default places the burglars look for goods 1:06 ❗️
? The most unsuspecting places to keep your valuables: ?
- Wall Clocks 1:48
- Roll them in your Toilet Roll 2:16
- Cat Litter 2:35
- Plants 3:05
- Garage Doors 3:31
- Counterfeit Containers 3:53
- Vacuum Cleaner 4:24
- False Bottom Drawer 4:44
- In-between Cabinets 5:10
- Toe kicks 5:29
- Spare Tire 5:54
- Paint Containers 6:15
- Fake Plumbing Pipes
- Tennis Ball 6:39
- Outlet 7:20
- Secret Shelves 7:47
- Family Albums 8:11
- Curtain Poles 8:27
- Kids Room 8:46
- Baby Wipes 9:17
- Back of a drawer 9:43

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- The first room that a thief will thoroughly scan is the master bedroom. So, mattresses, closets, drawers and even suitcases are off limits for hiding.
- The toilet tank, and medicine cabinet are also very common treasure spots.
- Take a cheap-looking clock and, using tape, attach anything valuable you might have that fits into the space behind it.
- Take small containers, and fill them with either your cash, passports, cards or jewelry – you know the gist. Seal them on top and place them inside a tub of unused cat litter.
- You can use a medicine bottle (which is watertight) to place your money or other important items inside.
- Sometimes, the best hiding spots are the ones out in the open. So, a household item like your vacuum cleaner is the perfect safe.
- Between nearly all upper cupboards there’s a tiny gap. It’s not visible unless you climb on the kitchen counters. Since not many people know about them, they’re the perfect hidey holes for cash.
- The cavities under the kitchen cabinets are so huge that you can hide all sorts of things inside, even hard-drives.
- No robber will go through the paint containers in your garage to find money. Remember, they only have a few minutes to search, and garages aren’t their priority.
- For your jewelry, a tennis ball is your perfect mini vault – and it takes no time to create either.
- Burglars don’t have the time to check all the outlets in someone’s home for hidden wall safes. Interestingly, there are small containers that look like outlets on the outside, but on the inside they serve a different purpose.
- Let’s face it, a family album is one of the best places to hide money. Even family members don’t check them.
- Remember in Breaking Bad, when Walter White hid all of his money in his daughters’ room? He sure knew what he was doing. One of the most secure places in someone’s house is in the kids’ room.
- Speaking of kids and their rooms, an ideal place to stash cash is inside a baby wipes container. Oh so you mean unused ones! Remove the internal pack but keep a couple of wipes on top and then layer the bills underneath.

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