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  • 3 years ago
Sometimes it seems that you’ve seen so much in this life that nothing will be able to surprise you ever again. And then you accidentally overheard someone mentions something amazing, like the fact that snails have 14,000 teeth. Yes, you’ve heard right – snails!

Did you know, for example, that honey never goes off, an octopus has three hearts, and on Saturn and Jupiter, rain is made from diamonds? Oh, the world is such an amazing place! And we picked out a few more curious facts for you – here are 25 Strange but True Facts That Will Shock You.

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17 Jaw-Dropping Facts You Didn't Know About the Human Body

#1. Honey never goes off 0:29
#2. What human nose can do 0:44
#3. The only immortal organism on Earth 0:57
#4. The heart of a blue whale 1:12
#5. The throat of a blue whale 1:28
#6. Ants VS people 1:37
#7. Who has three hearts? 1:51
#8. How to choose an appropriate place for a grave 2:04
#9. Diamond rain 2:17
#10. Jupiter instead of the Moon 2:31
#11. Human body bacteria 2:41
#12. What you have in common with dinosaurs 2:55
#13. Who Frankenstein was 3:09
#14. How much taste buds catfish have 3:23
#15. How sand looks like under a microscope 3:32
#16. A goldfish bowl 3:40
#17. Does using a computer damage your eyes? 3:56
#18. When Oxford University was found 4:13
#19. Who is Saint Basil the Great? 4:29
#20. Can you tame an African elephant? 4:38
#21. How a candle can burn in zero gravity 4:55
#22. Why you need good sleep 5:17
#23. What role play wrinkles that appear on the skin of your hands 5:32
#24. What philtrum is 5:53
#25. Why people have round buttocks 6:11
#interestingfacts #amazingfacts

- The human nose can remember 50,000 different scents. Also, human ears can differentiate millions of sound, and our eyes can discriminate about thousands of colors. I've never thought about this!
- Yet the throat of a blue whale is no bigger than a saucer. Therefore, it can’t swallow anything wider than a beach ball.
- An octopus has three hearts. Two of them move blood beyond its gills, while the third one keeps circulation flowing for the body organs. Three hearts – what a lucky guy!
- Originally, Feng shui was the art of choosing an appropriate place for a grave. That’s right – funerals ceremonies and rituals are generally taken very seriously in Chinese culture.
- Now, look at this amazing picture! This what the sky would look like if Jupiter was the same distance from the Earth as the Moon. Just wow!
- How many glasses of water do you drink per day? Three? Four? Here is a surprising fact: the likelihood that the glass of water you’re drinking contains a molecule of water that once passed through a dinosaur is about 100%.
- Catfish have 27,000 taste buds. And this is four times more than what human beings have – we have only 7,000 of them.
- Now, what do you think this is? Any idea? This is actually what sand looks like under a microscope.
- Oxford University is older than the Aztec Empire. Oxford University was found in 1096, and in the Aztec civilization – in 1325. This means that Oxford University is at least 200 years older than the Aztec Empire.
- In Cyprus, Santa Claus is called Basil. He is also called Saint Basil the Great.
- Round buttocks were determined by the evolution process. The main occupation of our ancestors was hunting and in order to catch the prey or at least to run fast well-built buttocks were a great thing for such a task.

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