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  • 5 months ago
How not to stain the floor when drilling holes in the ceiling? Cut the bottom of the plastic bottle and put it on the drill bit. How not to stain the floor when you drill the walls? Use a vacuum cleaner.

How to store screws and cogs so that they are not lost? Make an organizer for the screws from a piece of foam rubber. How to pull a nail out of the wall without damaging and not soiling it? Use a plaster or sponge. How to fit a wrench to the size of a small nut? Use some coins. No little screwdriver? Use a paper clip instead of a screwdriver, hit it with a hammer.

How to drive a nail without damaging your fingers? Use a comb. How to make the screws are always at hand? Attach small magnets to the screwdriver and screws – to it. How to drill a hole in the wall of the desired depth? Make a mark with tape. How to strip the wire? Make a device for stripping wires from the clothespins and sharpener.

How to hang a picture on a nail too short? Use the fork. How to seal a hole in the wall from a nail? Use the chalk. How to unscrew a nut without a wrench? Use the bolt. How to make a soldering iron lighter? Make a spiral of copper wire and wind it to the lighter. When you light it, the wire will heat up and you can solder. Just find rosin somewhere. How to make a knife sharpener? Get the wheels of two lighters and screw them very close to each other to the wooden plank. Sharpen the knife, pulling it between the wheels.

Your drill can help you in many situations. How to quickly peel the apples? Use a drill. How to clean tile and tile joints? Use a drill with a brush head. How to facilitate the work with the jack? The drill will help you again. How to cut a too long bolt? Use a drill and a hacksaw.

Here are two more tricks that will conquer your women. If your girlfriend, your mom or sister broke lipstick - become her hero and fix lipstick. Heat it over fire and glue. If your granny is worn out, winding up the yarn by hand - help her. How to wind the yarn quickly? Use a mixer and a toilet paper roll.


0:47 How to pull a nail without damaging the wall
2:17 How to drill holes without trash
4:12 Lighter soldering iron
5:54 How to beat off meat
7:22 How to clean a tile

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