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.270 Win - (Lead-Free) - "Calif-Compliant" - Can it ...

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  • 7 years ago
We shoot two types of .270 Winchester (6.8mm) rounds at an AR500 Armor chest plate. The first is a "LEAD-FREE" California-compliant bronze tip round. I HEARD these rounds are armor-piercing. (unintended consequence of bad legislature that doesn't think things through?)

The second round uses a "normal" ballistic-tipped 110 grain bullet that has and higher velocity than the lead-free round. Both rounds EXCEED the rating of a Level III plate. (sometimes called "Type III)

A level III plate is rated for a .308 round going around 2800 FPS. How will this plate hold up to faster rounds that go beyond the plate's rating?

AR500 Armor has sent out plates to many Youtube channels, from small to large so we all could do our own evaluations and tests on the plates. It's one thing for a company to post their own results, but it is another when a company has enough trust in their product that they are comfortable with other people doing tests too- even when the tests show a products limitations. It's a good policy and I have been impressed with the product. The plates have proven to live up to the company's specifications, VERY well.
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