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3 Tricks to Double Your Daily Productivity Instantly...

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  • 10 months ago
Want to do more with your day? This video outlines how!

The average worker actually works UNDER THREE HOURS PER DAY! (source: https://www.inc.com/melanie-curtin/in-an-8-hour-day-the-average-worker-is-productive-for-this-many-hours.html ).

I handle all sales for MTS Nutrition, Outright Bar (over 20k locations), over three other internationally traded brands; CEO and administrative duties and management for the aforementioned brands and Tigerfitness.com; formulations, R&D, packaging and all other necessary functions for the brands; an online diet and training coaching business and I also spend a few hours a week coaching kids at a soccer academy and some other things I am leaving out. And the wife and three kids and travel....

I do not work THAT hard. I am not special. I am not extraordinarily talented.

Why am I able to do this? I have mastered time management. I get more done in my 8 hours than the average person and also sleep over 6 hours a night since sleep is CRITICAL to optimal performance.

Some Tips:

1) Focus on one task, get it done, and move on AFTER a break. The human brain has about 40 minutes of solid work until it starts to get loopy. Stand up, stretch, go for a walk, do some pushups - MOVE!

2) Skip Social Media - It's a time killer.

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3 Tricks to Double Your Daily Productivity Instantly (Get More Done in a Day!)

Tiger Fitness
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