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  • 2 years ago
Awesome DIY natural treatments for your pampering routine

Having a good and consistent skin care routine is vital for all of us, not just because it makes our skin glow, but also because it gives us the confidence that our skin is looking it's best so not only do we feel beautiful but we also are beautiful. For those of you who are looking for a way to update their pampering routine and incorporate more natural products into it, we have the best hacks for you! In this video, we are sharing with you some of the best and most effective DIY natural product remedies for any situation!

We all know how many benefits aloe vera has, not only for the skin but also for the hair. So, in the first video section, we are sharing with you some brilliant uses for that magical succulent.
- You can use aloe vera instead of shaving foam in order to shave. Since aloe vera is so conditioning it will prevent irritation and it will leave your skin feeling smooth as a baby.
- You can create your own hair mask in order to get rid of a flaky scalp and moisturize your hair as well. Simply add one aloe vera leaf in a mixing bowl, some conditioner and then one scoop of coconut oil and olive oil. Apply it on the roots of your hair, let it sit there for a few minutes and then remove.
- You can use aloe vera ice cubes to relieve sunburn and help it heal quicker.
- You can use aloe vera leaves, grind them and create your own moisturizing face mask for glowy skin.

Another magic and natural ingredient we have for you is lemon. Lemon is full of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that is almost impossible not to include it in our everyday routine.
- You can use lemons to bring your white clothes back to life and remove all the dirt stains.
- If you've run out of deodorant, you can use lemon to replace it. Just make sure you don't use it right after shaving because it will cause burning.
- You can also mix lemon with some alcohol to get rid of ink stains from your skin.
- You can also get rid of red wine stains from your favorite shirt using a slice of lemon. Simply rub half a lemon on the stain and then wash as usual.

Watch our whole video to find all of our brilliant natural hacks that will completely change your everyday routine. Don't forget to comment and subscribe to our channel for more inspiring videos.

0:06 - Amazing hacks using Aloe Vera
0:28 - DIY hydrating hair mask
1:18 - DIY sunburn treatment
1:44 - DIY facemask to remove acne scars
3:36 - How to quickly get rid of pimples
4:08 - DIY makeup remover
5:45 - DIY mist & Toner
6:16 - Brilliant Lemon hacks
6:35 - Deodorant alternative
7:14 - How to get rid of wine stains
7:44 - Crazy beauty lifehacks
9:06 - Amazing contouring hack
9:39 - How to make your own deodorant
11:00 - Face yoga exercises
11:41 - Winter Beauty lifehacks
12:18 - How to fix a dry mascara
12:46 - How to fix your dry skin
12:56 - DIY moisturizing butter bar
14:56 - DIY body scrub
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