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36 Rare Animal Facts You Forgot to Google

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  • 1 year ago
What’s the smartest bird on Earth? Which creature has an ear between its legs? And how do bears go to the bathroom while hibernating? I’m guessing very quietly. Here are the most random yet fascinating facts for all the animal lovers out there!

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The most dangerous bird in the world is the cassowary. 0:19
Kiwis have tiny ones under all their fluffy feathers. 0:34
The alligator snapping turtle catches its prey by going fishing.0;48
The Striated Heron throws a leaf or stick in the water as bait. 1:10
Jellyfish don't have blood or a heart to pump it. 1:28
A hippo’s skin gives off a red oil that protects the animal from sunburn. 1:42
There are real Flying Dragons in the rainforests of Southeast Asia. 2:03
There are poisonous birds out there. 2:23
Starfish can cover their prey with their stomachs and eat it outside the body. 2:35
Sea cucumbers can do the same party trick but they leave part of their guts behind to scare their attacker. 2:46
Crows and ravens are the smartest (and sneakiest!) birds on Earth. 2:58
But the brainiest of them all is the New Caledonian crow. 3:10
A koala's fingerprints are almost identical to human ones. 3:23
Dolphins have highly developed communication. 3:28
A bird's feathers weigh more than its skeleton. 3:39
The most fearless beast on Earth that really doesn’t care is the honey badger. 3:43
Their cousin, the European badger, builds extensive underground burrows called setts. 4:03
The praying mantis has an ear between its legs. 4:18
Sea turtles are constantly crying. 4:26
The Black Swift is a mysterious bird that lives, eats, and even sleeps in the sky. 4:35
Fish can fly too. 4:51
When a bear hibernates, its pulse and metabolism slow down. 5:04
Loud noises might not wake a bear from deep sleep, but that doesn’t mean you should go near one. 5:32
The Heikegani crab lives off the coast of Japan and has a distinct pattern on its shell that looks like a human face. 5:46
The fastest bird is the Peregrine Falcon. 6:00
Polar bears touch each other's nose to say hello and ask to share food. 6:11
Birds use singing to mark territory and attract mates. 6:18
Pearlescent layers accumulate inside oyster’s shell until they form a round pearl. 6:34
Owls are considered one of the most dangerous predatory birds. 7:03
People used to bring canaries to mines to alert of danger. 7:21
Flamingos stand on one leg to keep warm. 7:34
All over the globe, monuments have been dedicated to sparrows to show thanks to the birds for keeping insect pests away. 7:41
When hunting, tigers and lions let out a deafening roar that literally stuns their prey to the point that it can’t move. 7:49
The first bird to be domesticated by humans is the goose. 7:57
The way beavers build their dam is one of nature’s greatest secrets.

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