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500,000 TNT vs 2 ENDER DRAGONS | Minecraft

ExplodingTNT Follow
  • Video description
  • 11 months ago
Today we try 500,000 TNT again... except this time against TWO Ender dragon boss mobs! Will ExplodingTNT's new computer be able to handle the explosion? Will he finally win another bet? The biggest Minecraft TNT explosion must defeat the dragons... right?

What did you think of this explosion? Was it the most TNT you've ever seen? Who did you think would win... Pink Sheep or ExplodingTNT?

Pink Sheeps channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgYz10I32uQn2kD4bfD6WMQ

Previous Explosion videos:
10,000 TNT vs 1000 Creepers: https://youtu.be/SbD03yLLJtc
50,000 TNT vs 500 Iron Golems: https://youtu.be/5P3xA3UMkJE
10,000 TNT vs 100 Withers: https://youtu.be/ELlXerKoJck
50,000 TNT vs 1 Bedrock Block: https://youtu.be/XLMwPvkGzsk
50,000 TNT vs Ender Dragon: https://youtu.be/_vrDIW7RGtw
25,000 TNT vs ExplodingTNT: https://youtu.be/gkd4MBF5PUY
100,000 TNT vs 1 Obsidian Block: https://youtu.be/UKPoOkm8cSc
100,000 TNT vs Dragon Egg: https://youtu.be/aaEXHx6mMNE
100,000 TNT vs Ender Dragon: https://youtu.be/aaEXHx6mMNE
250,000 TNT vs Wither: https://youtu.be/8bsCJh8nTEY
250,000 TNT vs Giant Zombie: https://youtu.be/Rpp7niB3pdM
350,000 TNT vs Ender Chest: https://youtu.be/0pOx9ICLvLw
500,000 TNT vs Ender Portal: https://youtu.be/DL2jAuG-gUw

Thanks for watching! Let me know what sorts of TNT explosions you would like to see next in Minecraft (with or without mods)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExplodingTNT
Facebook: http://on.fb.me/X3KYbC

Music: http://www.epidemicsound.com/Q
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