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  • 3 years ago
​Brilliant crafts using everyday items

It was always mind-blowing when you are trying to be creative and you discover how one single item that was designed for a specific purpose can be used in many different ways in order to create all sorts of crafts. So, that is what we are doing in this video. We are sharing with you how many fun and cute DIY crafts you can create for your home, convenience and whole family using everyday items.

If you have a toy truck in your home that has sentimental value and you find it hard to get rid of, then don't worry because we show you how you can turn it into a sewing accessory simply using a kitchen sponge, some push pins and any sewing materials you need. SImply wrap the sponge in some fabric, stick it in the back of the truck and you are ready to do. So, every time you will be repairing something, just roll it out!
Not only can you repurpose old trucks, but we also show you how you can recycle toys in general and turn them into useful items in your home.
- You can take an old doll that has been damaged, cut the head off, spray paint it and turn it into an amazing plant pot for your succulents.,
- You can also give a very unique and beautiful aesthetic to your room dresser by removing the drawer handles and replacing them with toy animals. You'll only need to spray paint them gold or silver and then screw them on the drawers just as we demonstrate in the video.
- Long curtains can be a nightmare to deal with, especially when you don't have something to keep them in place and keep them looking organized. But don't worry because in this video we have the ultimate hack. Simply sew an elastic band on one of the hands of your teddy bear and one button on the other hands. Then place the teddy bear around your curtains and button it up. Not only will this keep your curtains in place, but it will also make it look like your stuffed toy is climbing on them.
- If you have a lot of toy animals laying around, instead of throwing them away, we show you how you can turn them into amazing fridge magnets by cutting them, and then spray painting them the color of your choice.

Watch our whole video to see all of our everyday hacks and DIY crafts that will help you give your old items a second life.

0:07 - Give a second life to a toy truck
0:39 - How to recycle old toys
1:35 - Brilliant book divider
2:37 - Brilliant way to organize your jewelry
3:16 - Cool fridge magnets
4:32 - Pony door stopper
5:48 - How to make your own crystals
7:26 - Cool salt and pepper hack
9:09 - How to whiten your teeth at home
11:43 - Cool way to use hangers for your phone
12:53 - How to soften butter for baking
15:34 - How to decorate your coffee mugs
16:38 - Unusual uses for sandpaper
19:02 - Cool silica gel lifehacks
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