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8 Creepy Real-Life Mad Scientists

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  • 6 years ago
These mad scientists took their mind blowing experiments to a whole new level. Their amazing achievements might be a little scary, but no one can deny their contribution to modern day science.
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Mad scientists are basically interpreted as crazy scientists who have gone to extreme lengths for their research and experiments. When we think about these people, we tend to think of an older man with crazy grey hair and evidence of past injuries from failed experiments. Mainstream media and the entertainment business have used mad scientists as important plot devices in their movies and television episodes. Even though their presence in fiction is strong, their influence in real life is even more astounding. Back in the 18th and 19th centuries, science was still struggling to be accepted in the modern world that was dominated by religion and the church. Science was often called witchcraft or dealings with the devil, and these mad scientists certainly didn’t help the cause. Today, the field of science has set some pretty strict boundaries on just how far someone can go with their experimentation. But the men in this video are the very definition of a mad scientist.
First, we have Giovanni Aldini, who certainly helped instill fear into people by electro-shocking dead bodies. This would cause the corpses to move, twitch, blink, and even make noise. To the naïve onlooker, this very much looked like Aldini was bringing the dead back to life. Speaking of bringing the dead back to live, Sergei Brukhonenko dedicated his life to creating the first heart and lung machine. He even experiment with circulation techniques on severed dog heads and was able to make them twitch and blink for several minutes. Vladimir Demikhov would take this a step further and created the first two-headed dog by surgically attaching a puppy to a large dog. The experiments were successful, but the canines would only live for about a month after the surgery was completed.
Then we have mad scientists who we have to wonder whether they suffered from some sort of mental illness. Harry Harlow experimented on infant monkeys by putting them through social isolation experiments, meaning that he would separate the babies from their mothers and deprive them of any other interaction. The monkeys would be released lost in their own minds and suffering psychologically from the experience.
Albert Hofmann was trying to devise as respiratory medication that didn’t affect a woman’s reproductive system. After accidentally absorbing the prototype through his fingers, Hofmann began to hallucinate. He would eventually call this drug, “LSD”, and he described it as “medicine for the soul.” There must have been something to LSD considering that Hofmann saw over 100 birthdays.
Sidney Gottleib is known as “Dr. FeelGood” and went under considerable criticism for his participation in mind manipulation and joining with the government’s project, “MKUltra.” Gottleib and his colleagues would slip LSD into the drinks of unsuspecting people and would take notes on what the subject was feeling and experiencing. The purpose of these experiments was to gauge how easy it would be to slip drugs and medication into someone’s food or drink, as well as getting the mind to a vulnerable state as a way to manipulate people and control them.
There are more mad scientists where this comes from. And we promise that the scientists only get madder!
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Giovanni Aldini (electro-stimulation techniques)
Sergei Brukhonenko (first heart and lung machine)
Vladimir Demikhov (first surgically created two-headed dog)
Harry Harlow (social isolation experiments with monkeys)
Wilhem Reich (weather control - inventor of the Cloudbuster)
Albert Hofmann (invented LSD)
Sidney Gottlieb (aka Dr FeelGood - Mind manipulation)
Jose Delgado (wireless brain monitor)
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