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8 Habits That Make Your Boyfriend Love You Less

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  • 3 years ago
Such a beautiful thing when you fall head over heels for someone. But then those feelings suddenly fade away. Why is that? It could be because of some seemingly innocent and harmless habits you do every day without even realizing it! These habits could make even a great relationship take a turn for the worse.

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Being Messy 0:27

Invading Personal Space 1:04

Being Manipulative 1:59

Getting Jealous 2:39

Having Different Visions of the Future 3:36

Trying to Be Perfect 4:39

Constantly Complaining 5:53

Compromising 6:47

Music by Epidemic Sound https://www.epidemicsound.com/

- Nobody likes seeing dirty socks lying around the house and personal hygiene items left in the toilet or the bathroom sink.
- Experts say that men are generally less sociable than women, so that's why they crave personal space way more. And hey, the same goes for clingy guys as well!
- Every time you deliberately start to cry or say that you don't wanna see them unless they do what you say, their love for you slowly dies down.
- If your boyfriend or girlfriend gets jealous about absolutely everything you do, this feeling comes from their controlling behavior and possessiveness. Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to change these people.
- You love this guy, you wanna be with him, what more do you want? You can cross every bridge when you get there. Although, if you have strong opinions about certain things, you should probably discuss it beforehand to be on the same page.
- It's a big mistake trying to be flawless instead of being yourself and being comfortable while you do it! If you have a couple of zits, so what? Your boyfriend isn’t perfect either.
- It’s totally natural to get annoyed and wanna complain about anything and everything. Blowing off some steam may be relieving for you, but it's unbelievably toxic for everyone else, including your partner.
- Use your imagination and join forces to come up with a third solution that will look good to both of you. This way, you won't take sides and fight one against the other – you'll be creating something together.

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