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80 Chicken Nugget Eating Challenge| Eat Off Challeng...

TwinMuscleWorkout Follow
  • Video description
  • 3 years ago
80 chicken nugget eating challenge eat off with chic fil a chicken nuggets. These chicken nugget taste better than McDonald's Burger Kings or Wendy's. These chicken nuggets are in a league of their own. This eating challenge with Chic fil a chicken nuggets is actually 500 calories less than the McDonald's chicken nugget eating challenge. This chicken nugget eating challenge eat off will fit into our macros for today.

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Hodgetwins Bio:
Keith and Kevin Hodge the Hodgetwins are famously known for their comedic commentary on the following Youtube channels Hodgetwins, Twinmusleworkout, AskHodgetwins and fastingtwins. They have earned a respectable 2.8 million loyal subscribers and grossed over 450 million views over these channels.

In this video the Hodgetwins have an 80 chicken nugget eating challenge eat off with Chil Fil a chicken nuggets a great source of protein not high in carbs and is good source of fats. 80 chicken nuggets will not cause me to gain weight because I can consume 2800 calories a day with gaining weight this eating challenge was approximately 1500 calories. But we are very active we just out of the gym after doing a leg workout which burns a ton of calories. Just wanted to point out you can enjoy food and live a healthy life style if you are active and watch your calories. Every day is an eat off challenge or an eating challenge for us and we can still maintain our physiques.
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