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ABRN HOW2 Use A Stud Welder Gun To Fix Dent

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  • 12 years ago
http://CollisionBlast.com - ABRN and Butler Community College has teamed together to bring you this ABRN HOW2. In this video you are going to learn how to use the new Magna-Spot JO 1050 Stud Welder Gun. The new gun is made by Motor Guard and has new features, which help hold the studs in place. We found the new features to be very helpful and eliminates the problem of pins falling out of the tip. Visit http://bit.ly to learn the 7 step process for repairing dents and where to buy this stud welder.

Other than that, the gun operates the same:

1. Remove coating (grinder or dual action sander) sanding takes longer, but it much safer with today's thin metals.

2. Using stud welder gun weld several pins on the damaged area. (remember first in last out)

3. As you start pulling your indirect damage first, use a body hammer to tap down on the highs. (this also helps relax your metal)

4. Pull direct damage last.

5. Remove pins and grind any of the remaining stud welded to the panel. (do not over heat metal)

6. Grind or sand 4" past damage area to provide a area to apply filler without overlapping paint with filler.

7. Blow repair area off with compressed area.

Now you are ready to apply your body filler, block, prime, block, and get ready for paint.

That's it for this ABRN HOW2. Thanks for watching!

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