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Accutane Isotretinoin Roaccutane 101. What is it? Wh...

Cassandra Bankson Follow
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  • 10 years ago
MY ACNE, Without Makeup:
My Acne Update:
My Personal Acne Story:

Acne Treatments : Medicines/Medications Review:
Acne Treatments : Peels, Lights, Treatments Review:
Acne Treatments : Topical Creams/Chemicals/Prescriptions/Washes Review:
Elite Md Products Review:
Different kinds of acne, What do I have? (Is it Hormonal?):
Food and It's Influence on Acne:
Natural Alternatives for Hormonal Acne:
My Acne Skin Care Routine:
Skin Care For Acne Prone Skin:
How To Fix Acne Scaring:
Clarisonic Pro:
My Updated Easy Daily Foundation Routine:
My Updated Flawless Daily Foundation Routine:
How To Sleep Sounder/Better:
Stress Relief Techniques/Meditation for Acne:
Food/Diet for Acne Prevention and Reduction:
Exercise For Acne Prevention and Reduction:
My Experience with Water Fasting and How It Helped My Acne:

Other Videos That Pertain To Some Of The Side Effects Listed:
My Duplex/Double Kidney Story:
Waxing Video:
Pigmentation, What is it? How Did I Get It? How Can I get Rid of It?

For other Comical Videos in which I speak Way too Fast:
Pigments: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7wVoZgPhug&feature=related
This Or That Tag:

This is my take/what I know about Accutane/Roaccutane/Isotretinoin. I hope this helps!

If you have taken accutane/roacutane or know someone who has, PLEASE post a video response! I and everyone else would greatly benefit from the information and hearing your side of the story!! It's easy, just sit down, film, and post! it would mean the world to other acne sufferers!!

Please keep in mind I am NOT a doctor and PLEASE consult with your medical/skin care professional before taking or not taking any medications! Remember everyone has a different experience!

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