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Acid Alkaline Diet Foods * Alkaline Foods

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  • 12 years ago
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The foundation of all alkaline diets is to of course alkalize the body by consuming alkalizing foods! I personally have found that green juice is the best way to alkalize your body and feed your cells with fructose... ONLY the type of fructose that one would find in the form of whole, juiced or blended tree-ripened fruits. The extracted & processed form of fructose that you might see listed in processed foods is NOT a healthy choice.

Don't be afraid to ask the produce manager at the store to sample the fruits before buying them, so you can make sure they are good. They will gladly allow you to do this... especially if you are nice! ;)

Prioritize on being able to afford high quality food for yourself, as you are worth it! It is much better to spend money on building healthy, functioning cells for your own body, instead of later having to pay even more in doctors and hospital bills!

You will be removing obstructions that potentially had been clogging up your thyroid gland, adrenals, thymus gland, and your heart... which all could have experienced some calcification with hydrogenated oils, starchy carbohydrates, spices & food additives which are really just acidic chemicals! These chemicals might stimulate in ways that temporarily feel good to your taste buds & your energy level, but they also create scarring inside the body's tissues... which then leads to inflammation... & then potentially to what is known as a 'disease.'

In the raw food paradigm, we seek to put out the fire of the acidic chemicals that caused the inflammation, by 1) ceasing to consume unnatural acidic foods and additives which are perceived as foreign matter to your body, as well as 2) regularly bathing your cells with alkalizing fruits, vegetables & green juices.

In contrast, the allopathic paradigm views the resulting 'disease' that arose from the inflammation as this 'thing' that somehow came over out of nowhere and afflicted you... so their approach would instead include things like the suppression of the symptoms of inflammation, but not actually reducing the acidic causes of the inflammation to begin with, as well as surgical removal of organs and glands that they view to be 'acting up,' but are really just hanging on for dear life while being bathed with the acidity of the standard american diet!

If one removes the acids & adds the alkaline foods in its place, the so-called 'disease' will seem to magically disappear... but really there was no 'disease' to begin with! Your body is just always doing the best that it can, given the environment that you put it in & the substances that you put into it, via what you eat, drink & what you put on your skin.

So... use fruits, vegetables & juices to put out the fire in your body!! You will be very glad that you did.

Then, allow the antioxidant & astringent properties
of the fruits & veggies to naturally cleanse your cells
& open up the lymphatic system, which is opening up so that it can get those old, unhealthy cells & acidic toxins out!

SO....to aid your lymphatic system in doing its job, it is VITAL that you EXERCISE... yes... exercise!

You can try such things as:
* rebounding (jumping on a mini trampoline)
* yoga
* walking
* jogging
* cycling
* aerobics
* jumping jacks
* skipping
* anything to get your body moving, your lungs breathing, & your heart pumping!

Whatever form of exercise you decide upon, there is one vital ingredient for all of them... OXYGEN! So go outside & BREATHE that fresh air in & out...

Just as a fire requires oxygen to do its job and burn away the old trees in the forest, so too does your body REQUIRE oxygen to both utilize whatever you eat & drink, AND burn away & get rid of old, unhealthy cells, cancerous cells, tumors, & discharge your body of any retained acidic toxins that it had been holding onto for maybe even your entire life.

If the thought of exercise sounds too overwhelming for you, well... please erase that thought! As if all that you can do right now is walk a block or two down the road, then THAT is what you are going to do today for yourself! You have to start somewhere & it might as well be right where you are! ;)

Please, do yourself a favor and...
Have faith.
Have courage.
Have hope.
Or at least plant the seeds
of faith, hope and courage,
if that is all you can do today. ;)

This is NOT about some passing health trend, diet, supplement or fad. This is about TRUE, lasting health... your birthright... as well as complete cellular renewal for EVERY cell of your body.


I believe in you.
Do you?
I think you do. ;)

Love, Dan
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