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"Advantage Arms Glock .22" by Nutnfancy

nutnfancy Follow
  • Video description
  • 8 years ago
An afternoon of shooting fun for me could be with my Glock and about 500 rounds on the plate rack. Cost is the problem. Unless you're a sponsored pro shooter or just ready to spend $100s on ammo, that won't happen a lot. But practice on the Glock is wise due to its specific ergos. A solution could be the Advtangage Arms .22 LR Glock Conversion, tested here in TNP on Glock 17. We are impressed by it. Unlike other Glock conversions, this one actually works. Mostly. It still is a .22 and will experienced a bobble but with CCI Mini Mag Solids, the Adv Arms slide runs with almost perfect reliablility. Bulk ammo resulted in several stoppages but they were infrequent. Credit a smart design: this slide is light and made of aluminum with only crtical parts made from steel. This allows the underpowered .22LR to power it well. Installation, fieldstrip are a snap like any other Glock and the conversion only requires minor lubrication. Durability with its 416 SS barrel seems high. And the conversion has a upside: If you've done any frame or fire control work on your Glock, that will be part of your .22 Glock shooting experience as well. Adv Arms does warn against compatibility with 3.5 lb Ghost trigger connectors but our 3.5 lb units worked fine. Firepower on the Adv Arms conversion is outstanding with 10, 15, and 25 round FACTORY options now available. The Adv Arms mags are made from stiff composite and work well. Probably available elsewhere in the future after this video, you can purchase them now direct from their webstore. The Tactical Solutions .22 Glock mags are not recommended and choked repeatedly (shown). Value is moderate, costing about the same as some complete .22 pistol options like Ruger 22/45, Browning Buckmark. But with its highly useful Glock training capability (to a degree), proven reliability, and its huge FUN factor, this is one conversion that is recommended without hesitiation from TNP./////////////////Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 9 out of 10/JOIN AND KEEP NRA MEMBERSHIP CURRENT to have gun options like these in the future: http://membership.nrahq.org/
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