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Aero-TV: MGL Avionics - Glass Panel Capability On A ...

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  • 10 years ago
'Proof-Positive' That Sport Aviation Glass Panel Avionics Don't have To Be A Budget-Buster

It was near the end of a long and pretty cool day as we exited Robinson helicopter, awash in the aerial-coolness that allowed us to beat their new R66 to death and pull off a really great Air-To-Air shoot all over (literally) LA. We were cranking up the little side road that borders the airport when a sign caught my attention and I smacked my forehead, again literally, and hit the brakes with a screech (screw it... it was a rental) realizing that I had forgotten that a VERY cool little avionics development company was literally a few hundred yards away from the Robby HQ. Throwing our day's schedule to the wind, we zipped into the lot and got ourselves WELL acquainted with the latest offering from MGL Avionics... folks doing very solid work... for prices that the average sport aviation enthusiast just has to love.

Not one of the best-known names in the business, MGL has been puttering away for a decade and gotten high-marks form a customer base that I know to be pretty fussy when it comes to avionics. According to the company, MGL Avionics have shipped tens of thousands of instruments worldwide since 2001. These folks do it all... glass panel displays, engine gauges, single gauges, cluster gauges, auto-pilot components, systems instruments... the works.

Their latest innovation includes the release of their Generation 2 EFIS systems -- which MGL notes, "takes situational awareness and flexibility to a new level, providing a reliable, safe solution for all your instrumentation needs. It is a PFD, an MFD, an engine monitor, a fuel computer, a GPS navigator, an autopilot and an interface/display device for a multitude of other devices. And it provides all of this for a very good price." Their current EFIS offerings (named Enigma, Voyager and Odyssey) start at smaller 5.7" display systems all the way to 10.4" monsters. And by the way... you really need to look at their mini-EFIS line... the XTreme mini EFIS is pretty impressive for such a small gauge... though it looks like it can fit just about anywhere.
Join ANN and Aero-TV as we take a tour of MGL Avionics and let the brakes cool off on our rental car... Enjoy!

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