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AK-47 vs AR-15 Part 5 by Nutnfancy [2009]

nutnfancy Follow
  • Video description
  • 11 years ago
PART 5 of 5: Nutnfancy tackling the often controversial issue of the AK-47 versus AR-15 rifle systems. The bottom line is, a quality example of either gun can serve your law enforcement, military, and "civilian sheepdog" requirements admirably. However many factors and considerations should come into play when selecting your choice. When properly maintained and lubricated, the AR-15 is very reliable contrary to many internet, forum, and magazine myths. However it does not rise to the absolute, carefree ruggedness and reliability of the AK design. Whether packed in mud, neglected for cleaning, or just plain thrashed upon, the AK shrugs it all off and continues to shuck rounds with pleasing and life-saving regularity. It is better than the AR-15 system in that regard. It also features a lightning quick and easy fieldstrip. However the AK design has many flaws which include: poorer ergonomics (like its munchkin length of pull), shorter sight radius and inferior sights, heavier magazines and ammunition, difficulty in mounting optics (less variety in application too), slower operational controls, and more recoil. But many accept these shortcomings to gain the increase in stopping power of the larger .30 caliber round. As shown in the video, this 7.62x39mm round pretty much dies after 300 yards but within its range, it hits hard and defeats obstacles much better than the smaller 5.56x45mm offering. However the AR-15 can easily be had in either a 6.5 SPC or Grendel chambering which nullifies this advantage (and the AK can be had in the 5.45x39mm load which has similar ballistics to the 5.56). Both systems enjoy adequate firepower, multitudes of accessory options, good service record (AK has better reliability record however), and similar value (subject to change). I respect the reliability, simplicity, ruggedness, and shooting fun of the AK design. For a "mud gun," it still reigns supreme. However in terms of ergonomics, its amazing versatility, the lighter weight of mags and ammo, superior accuracy, and the longer range capabilities (especially with 77 gr loads), the AR-15 is a more capable weapons system.

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