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Algae Chokes Bay That Will Host Olympic Sailing

Associated Press Follow
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  • 15 years ago
PlusAlgae Chokes Bay That Will Host Olympic SailingAlgae Chokes Bay That Will Host Olympic SailingThe Associated PressChina's latest Olympics nightmare is a vast algae bloom that covers one-third of the sea where the world's best sailors are supposed to be competing in just over a month. Athletes call it the blob, the carpet, the fairway. (July 2)Some call it the fairway. Others the carpet. The green algae that has choked the bay that will play host to Olympic sailing has also been referred to as the blob. (SOT: ANDREAS KOSURATOPOULES, SKIPPER FOR GREEK SAILING TEAM ) YOU HAVE A PATH THAT YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW, AND THIS (ALGAE), BECAUSE IT EXTENDS TO ONE KILOMETRE OR SOMETIMES 500 METRES - YOU CAN'T ESCAPE. I MEAN IT'S AROUND YOU AND YOU CANNOT MAKE YOUR PROPER COURSE. SO TO BE HONEST IT'S A BIG PROBLEM.A virtual army of people--including actual members of the Chinese military--are cleaning up the growing mess. Ten thousand citizens and 12-hundred fishing boats are pitching in.The algae bloom covers one third of the sea off the city of Qindao. In just over a month these waters are set to play host to world's top sailors. Olympic teams that are training here now must regularly clean the algae from their boats. (SOT: DEBBIE CAPOZZI, TEAM MEMBER, US SAILING TEAM) WE HAVE RACED IN MANY AREAS WHICH HAVE SEAWEED, AND WE USE SOME OF THE SAME TECHNIQUES. BUT THE DIFFERENCE IS SOMETIMES YOU'RE DOING THAT ONCE OR TWICE A DAY, COMPARED TO HERE WHERE WE ARE DOING IT PROBABLY THREE OR FOUR TIMES AN HOUR.Chinese officials blame a combination of factors, including the weather. A Chinese biologist says pollution could have contributed to the explosive growth of the bloom.(nats in mandarin)A Chinese Olympic official promises that all 19 square miles of the competition area will be cleared of algae by the start of competition on August 9th. ___ ___, The Associated Press.
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